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Two Iranian IRGC aerospace staff suspiciously died

Tehran (The Times Groupe)- Iranian state media reported that two Iranian aerospace staff died in separate incidents while on active duty.

Iranian Boeing 747 seized in Argentina

Tehran (The Times Groupe)- Argentine authorities has seized a Boeing 747 owned by Iran's Mahan Air and leased to Venezuela's state-owned airline at Buenos Aires airport, Iranian state-controlled media reported on Sunday.

Iranian Zar Amir Ebrahimi wins best actress at Cannes

Tehran (The Times Groupe)- Iranian actress Zar Amir Ebrahimi, who lives in exile following a smear campaign about her love life, wept with joy after winning the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

More Russia’s crude oil going east squeezes Iranian crude sales to China

Tehran (The Times Groupe)- China has become more interested in cheap Russian crude since the start of the Ukraine war, leaving almost 40 million barrels of Iranian oil sitting on tankers at sea and seeking buyers.

Iranian MOIS arrests two Europeans for provoking unrest

Tehran (The Times Groupe)- The Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran (MOIS) has announced on Wednesday that its agents arrested two European citizens for alleged provoking unrest and chaos in the country.

Venezuela begins imports of Iranian heavy oil for refining

Caracas (The Times Groupe)- Venezuela began importing Iranian heavy crude to feed domestic refineries, documents released by the state-controlled oil company PDVSA showed, a deal that expands a swap agreement signed last year by the U.S. sanctioned countries.

Trump’s advisor calls on Elon Musk to activate Starlink for Iranians

Washington (The Times Groupe)- A former U.S. official has urged Elon Musk to activate Iran's Starlink satellite service after the internet was shut down due to protests over bread prices in southwestern Iran.

Swedish-Iranian to be executed by May 21 for spying

Tehran (The Times Groupe)- Iranian-Swedish national Ahmad Reza Jalali will be executed by May 21, local media reported Wednesday. Jalali was sentenced to death for allegedly spying for Israel in Iran.

Iran originally planned to develop nuclear bomb: Senior Iranian official

Tehran (Times Of Ocean)- Iranian authorities initially sought to develop a nuclear bomb to strengthen its deterrent forces but failed to keep the program secret, according to the former deputy speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

Has Mossad Assassinated Iranian Nuclear Scientist?

Mustafa Moin, who has been the Minister of Science and Member of Parliament for two terms and is currently the Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Medical System, has published pictures of Dr. Ardeshir Hosseinpour, Professor of Atomic Physics at Shiraz University and head of Malik Ashtar Research Laboratory and claimed that 14 years ago he was assassinated by Mossad agents who poisoned him by Radioactive gas. He added that the Ahmadinejad administration had decided to make the assassination a normal incident so that the intelligence services would not be questioned.

Iranian soccer team’s bank accounts blocked as it qualifies FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Tehran (Times Of Ocean)- The bank accounts of the Football Federation Islamic Republic of Iran have been closed due to tax debts.

Iranian citizen faces alleged terrorism charges in Albania

Tirana (Times Of Ocean)- Albania's Special Prosecution announced on Friday that Iranian national Bijan Pooladrag would face charges of serving and collaborating with terrorism-related individuals and spying.

Iranian Nature’s Day; What we know about it

(Times Of Ocean)- The ancient Iranian religions (faith), guarded by the Zoroastrians, should be called the friendliest and kindest traditions and rituals in the world when viewed without prejudice. Traditions that have been praised by many Iranologists and instilled in the minds and hearts of Iranians for centuries and millennia are still present among all Iranians, including those who forcibly converted to Islam after Arab Muslims invaded Iran. We have beautiful traditions that our ancestors kept and protected despite all the pressures, insults, and humiliation of extremist enemies. It is an excellent sign of the intellectual depth of the Iranian religion, and wherever Nowruz and its traditions are found, it is a symbol of the cultural boundaries Iran left behind.

Iranians gear up for holy month after two years of restrictions

Iranians are gearing up for a lively holy month of Ramadan after two years of severe COVID-19 restrictions. It's taking place at the same...

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