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FTO-IRGC threatens Azerbaijan and Turkey with its missiles

WorldFTO-IRGC threatens Azerbaijan and Turkey with its missiles

Middle East (Times Of Ocean)- The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has released a video threatening Turkey and Azerbaijan with its missiles. Iran
The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have released a video featuring missiles firing to warn Turkey and the Republic of Azerbaijan. IRGC warned of a “plot to encroach on Iran and Armenia” borders, and it pointed out that the guards would deal with all power.

The video, which begins with footage of a lion attacking a herd of hyenas, continues with remarks made by Iranian leader Ali Khamenei urging respect for international borders.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will strongly oppose any plan designed to change international borders.”

It’s the second warning issued by the IRGC in a span of three weeks. Now, Turkey and Azerbaijan are being warned of military retaliation in case of a threat to the borders of Armenia.

Previously, Iran’s IRGC warned on March 24 to Azerbaijan, UAE, Iraqi Kurdistan Region and Israel for “harbouring Zionist elements.

“Do you think it’s all over in Erbil? … You do not have much time…” IRGC said in a video released on March 24.

Former US President Donald Trump designated Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign terrorist organisation (FTO) in 2019.
It was the first time Washington labelled another state’s military as a terrorist organisation.
Iran wants the Biden administration to remove IRGC from the list, but US President Joe Biden is likely opposed to delisting the Guards as a terror group, but doubts linger.
Meanwhile, opponents of a deal with Iran welcomed signals that Biden is opposed to delisting IRGC.

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