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EU changes electoral law of European Parliament

WorldEU changes electoral law of European Parliament

Brussels (The Times Groupe)- The European Parliament has adopted legislation Tuesday that would reform the law on parliamentary elections within the European Union.

In a reform of the EU Electoral Law, 27 separate elections and their rules will be consolidated into a single European election.

In addition to the draft legislative act, the accompanying resolution was approved by 331 votes for, 257 against, and 52 abstentions.

Members of parliament developed a system that would give each voter two votes; one to elect representatives in national constituencies and one in an EU-wide constituency consisting of 28 additional seats.

According to the size of their populations, member states will be divided into three groups to ensure a balanced geographical representation.

The lists would be filled proportionally with candidates from each group.

Coalitions of national political parties and/or European electoral organizations such as national voter associations must submit EU-wide candidate lists.

The parliament also wants to combat gender inequality, and noted that despite recent improvements, some countries have not elected a single female deputy.

The text proposes mandatory “zipped lists” that alternate male and female candidates or quotas without violating non-binary rights.

Further, other proposals to “Europeanize” the elections include determining May 9 as the common European voting day and allowing all Europeans who are 18 years or older to vote.

Among the other proposals are a 3.5% threshold in constituencies that elect more than 60 representatives and the possibility of voting by mail.

The new European Electoral Authority will oversee the process and make sure the new rules are enforced.

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