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Iran blocks internet access amid cost of living protests

PoliticsIran blocks internet access amid cost of living protests

Tehran (The Times Groupe)- Watchdog organization Netblocks announced Iran has begun forcibly restricting internet access amidst an outburst of public protests.

On social media, videos have gone viral indicating an uprising against the escalating cost of living in southern Iran, including Dezful where demonstrators have chanted anti-regime slogans.

Haunting videos had went viral on social media from inside the country indicate peaceful demonstrators chanting anti-regime slogans, “Fear not, fear not, we are in this together”, Death to Raisi”, “Mullah must go”. Praising Reza Shah the Great, who emerged from the ashes of the Persian Empire to establish Iran as a Modern Nation-State, Iranians chanted Reza Shah Rest In Peace. The protesters also shouted the name of his grandson, Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi chanted: “O, Shah of Iran, Return to Iran”

The recent rise in bread and flour prices has sparked mass protests in Iran’s southern cities.

In a tweet, NetBlocks reported that “live data indicates a temporary decline in international information exchange on Rytl’s network in Iran.”

According to the report, data transmission has reduced on other mobile networks and landlines, which will hinder information exchange during protests.”

The Netbelocks says “real-time network data show a brief collapse in observable international connectivity on internet provider Rightel in #Iran, as well as a deterioration on other mobile and fixed-line providers; the slowdown may limit the free flow of information amid protests.”

Iran’s top authorities have been targeted by demonstrators chanting anti-regime slogans.

NetBlocks, a cybersecurity monitoring NGO, announced that the Internet in southwestern Iran had been disrupted following the protests.

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