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Iran prisoner swap to release more dual nationals

EditorialIran prisoner swap to release more dual nationals

(Times Of Ocean)- Three dual nationals imprisoned in Iran will be released in exchange for Iran’s access to frozen money in South Korea.

“Releasing Iran’s frozen money through non-nuclear means,” a state-run newspaper wrote.

Iranian-American citizens, Baquer Namazi and his son Siamak Namazi will be released as well as the British-Iranian-American citizen Murad Tahabaz.

“Iran has not put all its eggs in the negotiation basket, and while it moves forward with nuclear talks, it is also negotiating the release of its frozen assets.”

The state-owned IRNA news agency quoted the newspaper as saying that the Iranian regime had released $7 billion of its frozen assets in South Korea.

Throughout the article, the author discusses “other achievements” of the Iranian Foreign Ministry regarding Iran’s access to frozen money and parts of its assets abroad.

Iran’s frozen money abroad is linked to the continued detention of dozens of dual nationals imprisoned in the country.

Iran has sought a prisoner swap deal with the free world as a tactic.

In Iran, dozens of dual nationals and foreigners are imprisoned for ambiguous charges.

Apparently, Tehran and the 5+1 reached another prisoner swap agreement in exchange for releasing frozen Iranian oil funds by the P5. Both sides had previously denied the prisoner swap.

A total of $100 to $120 billion of Iranian assets is blocked in foreign countries, including South Korea, Iraq, Japan, and Canada, among others. The assets were frozen shortly after former U.S. President Donald Trump withdrew his country from the 2015 nuclear deal (JCPOA) and reimposed tough sanctions on Iran.

Seoul paid Iran’s $18 million U.N. dues from its frozen funds in South Korea in early 2022, a move approved by the U.S. Treasury Department. It came just days after top South Korean diplomats met with Iran’s top nuclear negotiator in Vienna.

Iran has made an agreement to release a “considerable amount” of its assets frozen in overseas accounts because of U.S. sanctions, the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency said, citing an official source.

Islamic Republic News Agency quoted an official source as saying that Iran has made an agreement to release a “considerable amount” of its assets frozen in overseas accounts because of U.S. sanctions.

Sanctions imposed under Donald Trump have prevented Iran from accessing outstanding payments for oil purchases, with billions of cash stuck in several overseas bank accounts.

Iranian officials are seeking the release of frozen assets as part of the Biden administration’s efforts to restore the 2015 nuclear deal Trump abandoned.

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