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Iran, Venezuela ink 20-year pact in defiance of US sanctions

PoliticsIran, Venezuela ink 20-year pact in defiance of US sanctions

Tehran (The Times Groupe)- Venezuela and Iran signed a 20-year cooperation agreement on Saturday during President Nicholas Maduro’s visit to Tehran. US sanctions

The comprehensive pact calls for cooperation between the two sanction-hit countries in oil, petrochemicals, science and technology, agriculture, tourism, and culture.

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi called relations between Tehran and Caracas “strategic” at the signing ceremony following extensive talks, saying the long-term agreement is a manifestation of the two countries’ desire to strengthen cooperation.

Raisi noted that the two countries have expanded cooperation in energy, thermal power, fuel supply to refineries in Venezuela, and the export of technical services.

Additionally, he announced that there would be direct flights between Tehran and Caracas, which, he asserted, would strengthen trade ties between the two nations.

During his remarks, he lauded the South American country’s “exemplary resistance” to US sanctions, saying Iran wants to strengthen ties with “independent nations.”

Under crippling US sanctions, Iran and Venezuela have enhanced bilateral cooperation in recent years, with Tehran sending multiple shipments of crude to Caracas.

Raisi poked fun at Washington by saying that the White House spokesman recently admitted their pressure policy against Iran had “failed miserably,” adding that Venezuela has also been struggling under US sanctions.

Maduro, who arrived in Tehran on Friday as part of his Eurasian trip, said the two countries enjoy good relations and that Iran can expect the Latin American country’s cooperation in areas such as energy, oil and gas, petrochemicals, and refineries.

In a subtle attack on the West, he said the world of the future will be one of “equality, justice, and resistance to imperialism.”

On Friday, Maduro praised Iran’s decision to send fuel tankers to Venezuela despite US sanctions, saying both countries share a desire to combat colonialism, imperialism, and racism.”

After the Biden administration refused him an invitation to the Summit of the Americas, Maduro embarked on the regional tour, during which he also visited Turkey and Algeria.

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