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IRGC’s Yas Holding whistleblower being jailed without access to a lawyer

PoliticsIRGC's Yas Holding whistleblower being jailed without access to a lawyer

Tehran (The Times Groupe)- Iran’s IRGC has announced that it arrested its Maj. Gen. Mohammad Ghaemi for alleged exposing on the “guards corruption”.

The detained general Mohammad Ghaemi has been reportedly jailed without access to a lawyer since more than two months.

The Iranian website Didbaniran.ir reports that Gen. Ghaemi has been temporarily detained following a possible complaint from Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf and has not been allowed access to a lawyer.

“Yas Holding” was one of the IRGC’s front companies that operated dozens of subsidiaries, but it was shut down in 2017 following whistleblowing of dozens of corruption cases.

A 50-minute leaked audiotape of a conversation between two top Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in 2018 revealed the regime’s systematic corruption.

Initially, Iranian tyrants tried to cover up or cast doubt on the authenticity of the audio file, calling it fake and fabricated.

The IRGC was forced to confirm the authenticity of the file in the end.

On the leaked tape, Mohammad Ali Jafari, then-commander of the IRGC, speaks with the organization’s financial chief, Brigadier General Sadeq Zolqadrnia. The two discussed an alleged 2017 corruption case involving the holding company “Yas” (jasmine).

Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, then-mayor of Tehran and current Parliament Speaker, IRGC Coordination Deputy Jamaloddin Aberoumand, and Chief of the IRGC Intelligence Organization Hossein Taeb, as well as IRGC-Qds Force’s eliminated commander Qassem Soleimani, are being accused of covering up embezzlements worth up to 80,000 billion rials by Brigadier Zolqadrnia.

Based on the free market rate at the time, the amount is roughly equivalent to $3 billion. Yas Holding belonged to the IRGC’s Cooperative Foundation, a powerful organization that controls many aspects of the country’s financial resources.

Zolqadrnia says Qalibaf suggested making up a false contract for 80,000 billion rials. “I told him [Qalibaf] that this would be a crime.” It will harm me, it will harm Jafari, so I won’t sign it.”

Soleimani and Qalibaf were “very upset” by Zolqadrnia’s actions, Jafari tells Zolqadrnia.

Before the leaked audio file, Sadeq Zolgharnia, aka Sadeq Gol-o-Sonbol, was unknown to the public. He was the Deputy Commander for Economic Affairs for the IRGC.

In the early 1980s, he joined the IRGC and played a major role in the crackdown on political dissidents in Shiraz. He later served as head of the regime’s Ministry of Defense Information Protection Organization.

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