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Just2Degrees: How Climate Change Affects Global Security?

VideosJust2Degrees: How Climate Change Affects Global Security?

When it comes to climate-fuelled disasters, 2021 was a year of extremes. Climate scientists say there is little hope things will improve in 2022 and are renewing their calls for urgent action to limit global heating. Over the past decade, the effects of climate change have begun to sound increasingly apocalyptic, with the world witnessing extinction of entire species, accelerated rise in sea levels, deadly heatwaves, and a melting arctic. In a first, members of the United Nations Security Council tabled a resolution that sought to treat climate change and global heating as a threat to international peace and stability. Will nations the world over start to factor climate risks into their security strategies? How will that affect global security?


Jessica Hartog
Climate and Peace Expert, International Alert

Nico Wunderling
Scientist, FutureLab – Earth Resilience in the Anthropocene

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