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Russia supplies arms to Armenia via Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran

WorldRussia supplies arms to Armenia via Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran

Baku (Times Of Ocean)- Azerbaijan’s president Ilham Aliyev claimed on Friday that Russian weapons were transported to Armenia via Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Iran during the second Nagorno-Karabakh war in 2020.

Aliyev discussed the aftermath of the war at an international conference at ADA University in Baku.

Aliyev said Armenia tried to draw Russia into the war by manipulating the Collective Security Treaty Organization many times; it did not succeed, but weapons were regularly shipped from Russia to Armenia during the war.

According to Aliyev, weapons were sent from Rostov and Mozdok to Armenia, and Baku had asked Georgia to block its airspace and land route to prevent the transportation of weapons from Russia. Georgia responded by blocking the routes.

Kazakh, Turkmenistan, and Iranian letters were also sent, urging them not to allow Russian cargo planes to use their airspace to transport weapons, added the Azerbaijani president.

However, he said that weapons were still being transported through these countries to Armenia.

The president noted that Azerbaijan actively promoted peace and cooperation in the Caucasus, and that Armenia’s acceptance of Azerbaijan’s five principles for the peace agreement, and the establishment of a joint commission for determining borders, were positive developments after the 2020 war.

Following the Karabakh War, Aliyev emphasized that he hoped Armenia finally understood the importance of peace, adding that if a peace agreement were signed and the five principles enforced, a long-term and sustainable peace would be achieved in the Caucasus.

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