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Two Iranian IRGC aerospace staff suspiciously died

PoliticsTwo Iranian IRGC aerospace staff suspiciously died

Tehran (The Times Groupe)- Iranian state media reported that two Iranian IRGC aerospace staff died in separate incidents while on active duty.

In a statement carried by Iranian media late Sunday, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) branch in Markazi province, Iran said Ali Kamani, a member of the IRGC’s aerospace division stationed in Khomein, some 320km (200 miles) south of Tehran, had died in a “driving accident” while on an unspecified mission.

In the early hours of Monday, the IRGC-run Fars news agency reported that another aerospace worker, Mohammad Abdous, had also died while on mission.

Later, Iran’s defence ministry confirmed Abdous worked there.

The two men worked for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force, a missile, air, and space force that was renamed from the IRGC Air Force to the IRGC Aerospace Force in 2009.

The labeling of both deaths as martyrdoms suggests that Iran believes the men were killed.

The details of Abdous’ death have not been published, other than the fact that he died on Sunday in the northern province of Semnan.

Kasani and Abdous’ deaths are the latest in a string of mysterious deaths in recent weeks.

According to state media, one of them, an IRGC Quds Force colonel named Ali Esmaeilzadeh, was killed in an accident earlier this month.

According to Tasnim, which is close to the IRGC, Esmaeilzadeh was eliminated by the IRGC over suspicions that he was involved in the assassination of another colonel on May 22.

Tasnim called the claim “psychological warfare and news fabrication” and said he fell from an unlocked balcony.

Israel’s Mossad is suspected of high-level Iran penetration.

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